Clearance of the river Neverí relief channel began

From the Las Bateas de Maurica sector, the coastal community of Barcelona, ​​the political protector of the Anzoátegui state, Luis José Marcano announced the start of work to clear the relief channel of the Neverí river, after the overflow of the channel occurred this Thursday. 

Marcano explained that at that point the waters drain into the sea, so the joint effort of the Anzoátegui Corporation (Corpoanzoátegui) and the Barcelona mayor's office will allow the tributary to discharge with greater intensity in order to alleviate the affectation of various sectors.

The also deputy to the National Assembly, in the company of the heads and directors of the entity's citizen security and prevention agencies, reported that there have been damages “in three of the six parishes of the Bolívar municipality, specifically Naricual, San Cristóbal and El Carmen leaving a balance of more than 100 families affected so far ”, due to the overflowing of the river due to heavy rainfall.

Marcano specified that the levels of the tributary exceeded 5 meters in height, two meters more than the 2,70 that the channel maintains in normal conditions.

He announced the activation of a comprehensive deployment to offer "attention to affected families in matters of health, food, replacement of household goods, as well as the guarantee of drinking water supply by the Hidrológica del Caribe company with the activation of 30 cistern units ”.

He said that as part of the emergency care plan, citizen security agencies deployed more than 500 officials in the affected areas.

He mentioned that multidisciplinary teams are in the process of evaluation in the different sectors for the location of more flooded homes, "for which an immediate review plan was ordered that includes cleaning, maintenance, collection of debris and waste in drains, specifically in the Barcelona Relief Channel, the Madre Vieja drain as well as the intervention with machinery in the Drain G located in the Tronconal V sector ”.

The protector reported that there is an evacuation plan for the most vulnerable areas pending the announcements from the meteorology unit that warns of the presence of more rainfall in the coming hours. 

"The evacuation plan is under development, the balance showed two houses in total loss in the El Muro sector in the industrial zone of Barcelona and other cases of major emergency in which the State guarantees the protection of families," said Marcano.

The levels of the tributary exceeded 5 meters in height, two meters more than the 2,70 that the channel maintains in normal conditions.


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