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Smoke bombs explode outside the White House

Protesters gathered to protest Palestine, planning to 'surround the White House'

Smoke bombs exploded outside the White House, headquarters of the United States Government in Washington, international media reported.

Since the early hours of this Saturday, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched to gather very close to the perimeter fence that protects the government headquarters, the police tried to control the situation while dozens of people were protesting for Palestine, and planning to "surround the White House."

Protesters shouting “We are your red line!” They are preparing to surround the White House, while local media reports reported that the protest was dispersed at some point with smoke bombs and tear gas.

The protest demanded the suspension of the delivery of offensive weapons to Israel to continue the attack on Palestine, taking place on the same day that at least 210 Palestinians died as a result of aerial bombardments by the Israeli Government in the Nuseirat refugee camp and other surrounding areas. .

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