Silmaca will increase food production with a new industrial line

From the Guárico state, in the coming days the business group Silos, Mantenimiento y Mantenimiento de Cereales, CA (Silmaca), will be increasing its food production capacities thanks to the activation and strengthening of new industrial lines through strategic alliances with the national government.

According to an interview provided by the president of this business group, José Leopoldo Matos, said that a total of 10 industries are those that make up this group, among which is the line for the production of vegetable oil, sandwiches, flour of corn and rice, action that has had the full support of Governor José Vásquez framed in the Plan for Strengthening the Agroindustrial Park.

Matos explained that in the corn area, work is being done on expanding the capacities of the flour processing plant, in order to achieve a full-time production of 300 thousand kilos per day. Regarding the processing of oil, there will be a capacity of one million liters per month, allowing to supply regional demand and provide a national contribution to the food distribution system in both areas.

Continuing with the brainstorming, he emphasized that they have not stopped the work despite the pandemic generated by covid-19, claiming that from the city of Valle de La Pascua, Leonardo Infante municipality, the point where the largest number of companies belonging to the same "108 workers are producing and guaranteeing the arepa of Venezuelans from these facilities, in which the necessary preventive security measures are met."

He argued that they maintain their commitment to the economic development of the region and the country, which has prompted them to continue innovating in each of the production lines, in order to encourage and reactivate the national market, in order to contribute to giving it the financial balance you deserve.

Finally, he urged Venezuelan businessmen to unite, produce and work to continue promoting economic activity in the country.

Industrial plants that make up the SILMACA group:

  • Rice processing plants in: Calabozo and Camagua. (CLOSE TO INAUGURATE)
  • Sauce, mayonnaise and vinegar processing plant. (NEXT TO INAUGURATE)
  • Snack plant. (NEXT TO INAUGURATE)
  • Balanced Animal Feed Plant.
  • Fororo plant with a capacity greater than 600 thousand kilograms.
  • Sismalact Dairy Plant with production capacity of more than milk, cheeses and juices in Santa María de Ipire.
  • Casabe packing plant in the «La Negra» sector, Esteros de Camaguán municipality.

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