Repsol and Rosneft resumed exchanges with PDVSA

Spain's Repsol and Russia's Rosneft resumed trading crude for products with PDVSA, according to the specialized portal Energy News Today.

Repsol will deliver 250.000 barrels of low-sulfur diesel to the Amuay refinery, based on resuming supply interrupted since last November. Rosneft, which officially left its operations in Venezuela after being sanctioned by the United States, last week unloaded 540.000 barrels of vacuum distillate, a basic component for the production of fuel, with 1% sulfur to the Cardón refinery.

The aim of this material is to stabilize the operation of the catalytic cracking unit of the plant located in the Paraguaná Refining Complex, whose processing capacity is 95.000 barrels per day.

These exchanges of oil for products, such as diesel, were suspended in October, due to the sanctions imposed by the outgoing administration of President Donald Trump.

Analysts hope that the new Joe Biden government will be more permissive with some core activities, in order not to deepen the crisis in the country.