Repaired 736 modules of Barrio Adentro

They will apply paint, repair leaks, water cans, restroom adaptation, door rehabilitation and other issues

To continue strengthening the care capacity and the fight against the covid-19 disease, the Mayor's Office of the Libertador municipality, the Government of Caracas and the Ministry for Health are betting on the recovery of the 736 octagonal of the Mission Barrio Adentro I in the capital city, the region with the most positive cases to date, according to data from the Patria platform.

In an interview with Últimas Noticias, by the president of the Municipality's Services Corporation, Barwil González, explained that they estimate to recover one hundred and fifteen of these spaces located in the twenty-two parishes in a first stage, addressing the common places adjacent to these modules through the point and circle methodology of health.

“In a first stage we are making minor repairs. Maintenance and beautification of these type 1 modules. We have estimated to attack 115 for three months together with the Government of Caracas, "he said.

He also explained that they will apply paint, repair leaks, water cans, adaptation of bathrooms, rehabilitation of doors and other issues related to the operation of these centers in which the most vulnerable Caracas population is served. The Barrios Adentro modules are part of the health cooperation agreements between Venezuela and Cuba.

The official also indicated that these works are carried out through the "collection and own resources" of the mayor's office, and that the plan consists of the distribution managed by the Ministry of Health.

On the other hand, Barwil González pointed out that there is a plan for the recovery of the comprehensive recovery rooms, which together with the comprehensive diagnosis centers are part of the primary health care system consolidated two decades ago in Venezuela.



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