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The booster vaccines against covid-19 arrived in Saint Lucia

The mayor of the Paz Castillo municipality (Santa Lucía del Tuy), Miranda state, Víctor Julio González, reported that 1.800 doses of the Chinese drug Sinopharm arrived in the jurisdiction, within the framework of the Reinforcement Immunization Plan in prevention of the SARS-CoV virus. 2 and its variants.

He stressed that the third dose against covid-19 is being placed in the facilities of the Comprehensive Social Care Post (Pasi) Dr. José Gregorio Hernández, located in the El Jabillo sector of the La Variante national highway in the town.

González urged the population to get immunized, because it is the measure designed to care for and protect individual and collective health, "especially at this time when the Omicron variant is circulating in Venezuela."

He stressed that, after two years, the Municipal Government has maintained its hard work to control covid-19, with timely attention to citizens. “When I get vaccinated, I guarantee the decrease in the appearance of variants of the virus; and this makes it possible to control the number of viruses that can transform their capacity for infection and attack human beings”, insisted the mayor.

He thanked the Popular Ministry for Health for sending the drugs. "The vaccine is the best tool we have to take care of the Venezuelan people and the world," he said.