Rehabilitated road section that collapsed due to the rains in trunk 10

The road artery that leads to Sucre state is served by the regional government

A section of the road that leads to Sucre state on trunk 10, near the Bolívar municipality (Caripito) of Monagas state, collapsed due to heavy rainfall that affects the eastern part of the country, so the regional government undertakes work to rehabilitation to activate vehicular fluidity through this road artery as soon as possible.

Lauribeth Navas, president of the Institute for Ecosocialism, Habitat and Housing Infrastructure (Inframonagas), reported that the road recovery works were started with the support of the Bolívar municipality's Mayor's Office. He explained that in the Los Cerritos sector the sewer system of trunk 10 gave way, which caused this road artery to yield 90 percent. 

Track closure

The president of Inframonagas announced that while the road rehabilitation works are carried out, the vehicular crossing will be closed for both heavy loads and light vehicles.

Navas indicó que «se tomó la decisión de cerrar esta vía para evitar su colapso total, y poder concluir así los trabajos de manera oportuna». 

In this sense, the official recommended that drivers who regularly use this road to go to the state of Sucre and vice versa, should deviate into the central area of ​​Caripito and resume the road that leads to the neighboring entity and in the same way for those who go to the Monagas state. 



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