Radical quarantine continues in Zulia in the next 7 days

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The Governor of the Zulia state, Omar Prieto Fernández, presented this Sunday through the "Zulia Mía" program a balance of the health and social struggle that he exercises in the entity during the quarantine process to contain and prevent the spread of covid-19.

In this sense, he informed that the radical quarantine will continue to be carried out in the region from this Monday, June 29, with the exception of the municipalities that make up the southern area of ​​Lake Maracaibo where the numbers of infected people have been controlled.

He stressed that currently 807 confirmed cases of covid-19 are registered in Zulia and most of it comes from the focus of the “Las Pulgas” market, so mobility controls will continue to be applied strictly in the metropolitan area of ​​the state, and the Gasoline supply will maintain the hours of operation from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, as well as businesses that sell food, which must comply with the established sanitary regulations. Around the sale of medicines, pharmacies will work 24 hours a day.

The state's highest authority stated that the hospital infrastructure is capable of attending to patients who present symptoms and have tested positive for the virus. He assured that the University Hospital of Maracaibo, after his intervention, has received adaptation of all its areas, especially the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as well as the emergency, as well as the installation of 100 tons of air conditioning to optimize the air conditioning of the premises.

In turn, he expressed that the Chiquinquirá Hospital is already receiving, with all the relevant medical conditions, patients with coronavirus, and the Adolfo Ponds, Noriega Trigo and Pedro García Clara hospitals in Cabimas are also being enabled to guarantee the treatment and care of all the population that tests positive for covid-19.

Presidential Commission

Regarding the work articulated with the Presidential Commission made up of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and the Somos Venezuela Movement, Prieto Fernández emphasized that a tour of the Comprehensive Social Assistance Points (PASI) located in the municipalities was carried out Guajira, Mara and Semprúm borders to optimize the care process of the nationals who return to the country through Zulia.

In this order, he said that to date 11 thousand 512 nationals have entered Venezuela through the Zulian entity, who have been offered all the necessary accompaniment so that after the quarantine process, established for 20 days, they can return to their homes.

He recalled that the Iván Duque government in Colombia does not offer any type of medical-social care to Venezuelans because it is part of a plan that tries to destabilize and generate chaos in the nation.

Las Pulgas Market

Likewise, he referred to the reopening of the "Las Pulgas" Market in Maracaibo, which, in approximately one week, would be operating only in the formal premises because the tarantines located in the external areas were withdrawn.

He commented that informal trade will be relocated in an orderly manner on the peripheries of the central hull through kiosks registered by the regional and municipal government, in order to have absolute control over economic activity.

Finally, he urged the population to comply with the mobility and circulation parameters, as well as to go to the health centers in case of presenting symptoms related to covid-19, in order to receive immediate attention, because otherwise the patient he runs the risk of dying.



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