Public Policy Council in Lara approved budget for 2021

The investment budget for the social and economic area in Lara state exceeds 1 trillion 373 billion bolivars that will be executed in fiscal year 2021, in the development of 44 projects, reported the Governor of the entity Adolfo Pereira.

Such resources arranged by the National Executive, through the Interterritorial Compensation Fund (FCI) of Venezuela, were approved, in the third and last session of this year, held by the members of the Public Policy Coordination Council of the Lara state, during this Wednesday, December 23.

Pereira said that investment in 2021 will focus on the recovery and conditioning of the infrastructure of basic services, taking into account the execution of projects in each of the nine municipalities that make up the Larense town.

He also specified that the levels of demand for the development of the 44 proposals in the coming year are high, so that both the regional Executive and the nine locals will have only two months to carry out the work, making the most of the time and the alerts. early in the management of public resources.

The Director of Planning and Budget of the State Executive, Jordanis Carvallo, specified that the expected amount for the investment is 1.373.490.403.715,24 bolivars with which 44 works will be carried out by the Institute of Youth, Construlara , the Health Corporation, the Ministry of Public Works, the Barquisimeto Transportation System (Transbarca), Semalara and the Development Corporation for the state of Lara, the latter already reporting 70% progress of the dry port, which will allow the transfer and exchange of merchandise and cargo, with the central commercial entities of the country.

It should be noted that the works on the Lara-Zulia national highway, due to border failure, are also planned, as is the fitting out of the hangars at the “Jacinto Lara” international airport.

Finally, the regional president insisted on the councilors present to assist in the performance of state management, with empathy towards the population, efficiency in the implementation of financial resources, application of reengineering mechanisms, and above all, the willingness of human talent to adapt to the changes it demands, the fact of managing public resources, in a time of "continuous siege that Venezuela is experiencing, with its harsh consequences of economic and financial suffocation," added Pereira.



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