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Psychology for all | Rage and her bad name

Anger is a state of energy that prepares you for action in a perceived threatening situation. It is a basic emotion along with sadness, love, fear. It is accompanied by physiological changes such as altered heart rate and increased production of adrenaline.

Even when it protects us from danger, its expression is considered culturally negative, forcing us to suppress it since we are children. Anger is an emotion that arises from frustration at the discrepancy between what is expected, believed or desired to happen and what happens.

The negative connotation that has been given to anger is determined by the mishandling of its expression, hence the importance of learning to feel and express anger and frustration assertively.

As we grow up, we suppress anger for not being well seen socially, we disguise it for fear of not being accepted by the environment. Living hiding that feeling produces anxiety, anguish, depression with the consequent negative effects on the body such as hypertension, stomach ulcers, which alters the immune system by reducing our natural defenses.

Some studies attribute cancer to the accumulation and mismanagement of feelings of anger and frustration. Hence the need to identify situations, memories, people that incite anger and frustration in order to face it and channel our discomfort.

Recognizing our anger, feeling it and expressing it appropriately and in a timely manner, leads to balance and physical and emotional health.

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