Proclaimed governor of Monagas and the mayor of Maturín

In a public ceremony held in the Plaza de la Catedral de Maturín, the Regional Board of the National Electoral Council (JRCNE) proclaimed the newly elected governor of the Monagas state, Ernesto Luna; the mayor of Maturín, Ana Fuentes; the 7 deputies of the Monagas State Socialist Legislative Council (CLSEM) and the 13 municipal councilors who were elected last Sunday, November 21.

The coordinator of the Regional Board, Gilberto Brito, specified that after processing the votes of the 995 polling stations distributed in the 536 centers that were enabled for the regional and municipal elections of November 21, the credentials are delivered to those who were elected by the people to occupy positions of government responsibility. 

He assured that during this process, high constitutional and electoral guarantees were met that guaranteed a neat and leading process, where 48 percent of the electoral population gathered. 

For his part, Ernesto Luna, after being proclaimed governor of the Monagas state, called for the unity of all sectors and teamwork to find solutions to the problems of the people of Monagas. “Enough of the tirades and sterile fights, of putting political interests on the table, I think it is important to put the interests of our people on the table. The need is to find the great solutions to the problems that afflict the people of Monaco, this is what the people are demanding. Monagas unites us for what I will be a governor of all Monagas and I invite you all to participate ”.

He invited mayors, deputies and councilors to work together and, to those who represent the opposition, he sent his recognition and congratulations for the victory obtained in the electoral contest.

In this sense, the regional president said that "In Ernesto Luna they will find an ally to work together hand in hand and seek a solution to the problems."



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