President-elect of Peru wants to start anti-corruption crusade

Pedro Castillo met with the Comptroller to find a way to fight against the corrupt. Photo

The president-elect of Peru, Pedro Castillo, spoke today, a week after taking office, with Comptroller General Nelson Shack to discuss the transfer of the state apparatus and the fight against corruption.

Castillo visited the official in charge of controlling the management of State resources and did so in the company of the elected vice president, Eda Boluarte, and the lawyer for the next president, Aníbal Torres.

"We are meeting this morning with the Comptroller General of the Republic, Nelson Shack, to define the mechanisms for transferring government management and concrete actions to fight corruption," Castillo wrote on Twitter.

The dialogue preceded the meeting also scheduled for this Wednesday with President Francisco Sagasti, at the invitation of the outgoing leader to also discuss the transfer of powers.

Meanwhile, expectations remain regarding the nomination of the members of the ministerial cabinet of the president proclaimed last Monday, more than six weeks after winning the presidential ballot to the neoliberal Keiko Fujimori.

In this regard, rumors and speculations circulate with names of possible appointees, along with innuendo and conservative media, political and business pressure, for Castillo to name right-wing figures or neoliberal technocrats.

The president-elect has only said in this regard that his cabinet will be made up of personalities from all sectors, technicians and people outside politics, favorable to the new government and indicated that they must maintain loyalty to the people as their main value.

Among the almost certain are the progressives Pedro Francke and Hernando Cevallos as ministers of Economy and Health, respectively, and Róger Nájar, of the Peru Libre party, for which Castillo was a candidate, is repeatedly mentioned.

On the other hand, reliable sources reported that the Foreign Ministry began to receive confirmations from guests to the inauguration of Castillo, to be held on the 28th, when the bicentennial of the proclamation of independence will also be celebrated.

The sources indicated that the presidents of Bolivia, Luis Arce; Chile, Sebastián Piñera; Colombia, Iván Duque, and Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso.

In addition, they said, that the Mexican president, Manuel Andrés López Obrador, will be represented by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, and the Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro will send his vice president, Hamilton Mourau.

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