Pope Francis: Catholic Church must face sexual abuse crisis

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Pope Francis warned today that the Catholic Church is obliged to face the crisis caused by sexual abuse in order to move forward, reports Prensa Latina.

In an epistolary exchange with Cardinal Reinahrd Marx, who presented his resignation as Archbishop of Munich and Freising, the Supreme Pontiff pointed out that 'you tell me that you are going through a moment of crisis and not only you but also the Church in Germany is living it' .

The whole Church is in crisis because of the abuse issue; Furthermore, the Church today cannot take a step forward without assuming this crisis, he indicated.

After pointing out that the ostrich policy does not lead to anything, the Pope specified that assuming the crisis, personally and as a community, is the only fruitful path because a crisis does not come out alone, but in community and we must also take into account that a crisis comes out better or worse, but never the same.

In this sense, he agreed with the cardinal in describing the sad history of sexual abuse and the way of confronting it that the Church took until recently as a 'catastrophe' and acknowledged that 'realizing this hypocrisy in the way of living faith is a grace, it is a first step that we must take '.

You cannot remain indifferent to this crime. Assuming it means putting yourself in crisis, said Francisco who acknowledged that "not everyone wants to accept this reality, but it is the only way, because making life-changing purposes without putting meat on the grill does not lead to anything."

In the letter of resignation - still not accepted by the pope - the cardinal expressed that in recent months he reflected on that decision which, he said, basically means assuming 'co-responsibility in relation to the catastrophe of sexual abuse perpetrated by representatives of the Church in recent decades. '

In the letter of reply, Francis thanked the cardinal for his Christian courage "who is not afraid of the cross, is not afraid of being overwhelmed by the tremendous reality of sin." Marx was president of the German Episcopal Conference between 2012 and 2020, he is a founding member of the Council of Cardinals created by the pope in 2013 to advise him on the government of the universal church and since 2014 he is coordinator of the Council for the Economy of the Holy See.



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