PNB deploys strong anti-covid operation in Yaracuy

The Bolivarian National Police (PNB) of the Yaracuy state intensifies awareness and prevention operations for this weekend as part of the Epidemiological Plan to control covid-19, the commander of the security agency, Francisco Castro, reported this Friday.

The days include permanent patrolling in the streets, control points in communication routes and supervision of commercial premises to verify that they comply with the biosafety standards and protocols established to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

"We are carrying out a macro deployment with all the services that make up the Bolivarian National Police in Yaracuy state and the stations that make up the state's Police Coordination Center," Castro said.

The purpose of the deployment is to raise public awareness regarding compliance with biosafety measures, such as the use of a mask, social distancing, disinfection of spaces, use of alcohol and hypochlorite to contain the spread of the virus.

He mentioned that those who are on the street after 4 in the afternoon, the maximum time allowed to circulate, or are without masks at any time, will be arrested and taken to a police command to give them a talk about the dangers of covid- 19 and the reasons why you have to comply with the rules.

“Together we will defeat this deadly virus, through prevention and awareness that we must take when leaving our homes. We are determined to eradicate this virus from Yaracuy and Venezuela, cut the contagions and cut the chain of propagation, and the people of Yaracuy count on their GNP for this purpose ”, affirmed Commander Castro.



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