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Plane crashed in Charallave

Six people were traveling in the plane. Officers carry out search and rescue work

A small plane crashed to the ground this Wednesday afternoon in a wooded area of ​​the Caujarito sector in the Charallave parish of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality, Miranda state.

According to the report of the Miranda State Center for Disaster Prevention and Attention, six people were traveling on the aircraft, including: Guillermo Vargas, Milton Quigua, Ronald Camacho, Christian Toni, Aldo Camacho and Juan Barajas.

The troops indicated that one of the travelers named Christian Toni, who in life was president of the Federation of Professional Soccer Students of the Merida state.

The commissions fly over in helicopters to view the bodies.

It is a Lear Jet 55 CPOP model aircraft, initials YV-3304, which was traveling on the Puerto Cabello-Caracas route.

However, during the trip there was an incident that caused the plane to descend to the ground and catch fire.

The plane was seen at a height of 2350 feet, a speed of 267 k/h, 6 km from the Óscar Machado Zuloaga airport in Charallave by officials from the National Institute of Civil Aviation (INAC) and Monitor Venezuela, after the pilot notified the emergency in Radiar N° 185, 4 minutes from this Tuyero airport.

Officials from the Search and Rescue Service (SAR) of Venezuela, the Miranda Fire Department, the Bolivarian National Guard, the Polinational and Civil Protection are at the scene to rescue the travelers.

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