Plan 101 addresses the Municipal Market of Independence in San Felipe

Plan 101, developed by the Ministry of Popular Power for National Commerce (MPPCN) in markets and supermarkets in 101 municipalities of the country, this Wednesday carried out a special operation at the Municipal Market of Independencia, in San Felipe, Yaracuy, where they were addressed the 54 commercial establishments that operate in the place.

The general coordinator of the market, Beatriz Sevilla, reported that the audited premises are dedicated to the sale of food, delicatessen and butchers.

She recalled that Plan XNUMX controls the prices of the XNUMX prioritized items, to ensure that they are respected according to the list that manages the MPPCN, based on the exchange reference that the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) establishes daily.

It is also reviewed that profit margins are not above those allowed by the Organic Law of Fair Prices (LOPJ), which establishes maximum profits of 30%. Similarly, compliance with the standards and requirements demanded by the Superintendency of Fair Prices (Sundde) and by the National Autonomous Service of Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer) is ensured.

“The Municipal Market of Independence is inspected weekly by the Office of Strategic Planning and Monitoring of Public Policies of the MPPCN, with the support of Sundde, Sencamer, Citizen Security, GNB and PNB, for price control, balance certification, and verification of compliance with biosafety measures to prevent covid-19 ”, highlighted Sevilla.

Seven commercial establishments were verbally sanctioned and received a wake-up call for not complying with the established norms or registering slight surcharges in some items.

Sevilla commented that they were given a reasonable time to correct the faults committed and avoid being subject to sanctions administrative and pecuniary. If the same irregularities are detected in future inspections, they will receive the full weight of the law.

"In our market we are in constant supervision, which has allowed us to guarantee compliance with official regulations and guidelines," said the general coordinator of the Municipal Market of Independence.



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