Gang of El Peru murdered a man

Members of the El Perú gang murdered 34-year-old Gilvis Jesús Casneiro, reported the Cicpc through social networks.

This crime occurred in the Dalla Costa parish, Caroní municipality (San Félix), Bolívar state. Guillermo Leonel López Brito (24), alias El Guillermo and José Rafael Rivas Rivas (25), alias El Chuky intercepted Gilvis to strip him of his belongings. Gilvis struggled and El Guillermo shot him badly. The subjects fled with the victim's cell phone and other belongings. The boy was taken to the Raúl Leoni hospital, where he died.

The Bolívar Homicide Axis initiated the investigations and found El Guillermo and El Chuky, who are part of the criminal organization of El Perú, whose base of operations is in El Callao, but has branched out throughout the Bolívar state, according to the research.

In another event, Elvis Claudio Caripe, nicknamed El Babe, was captured for his alleged connection with the murder of Jhon Luis Márquez Farias (19), which occurred on September 9, 2018, in the San Rafael sector, Táchira alley, San Félix (Bowl).

The capture of El Bebe was carried out by agents of the Ciudad Guayana Homicide Investigations Axis. According to the report, The El Bebe claimed Jhon money that he owed him. The latter told him that he had no way to pay off that debt. Faced with this information, El Bebe took out a firearm and fired several times at his debtor, killing him immediately, as reported by the scientific police. Alias ​​El Bebe was handed over to the Public Ministry.

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