Free Pap tests on women from Maturín

Ladies are treated at the Maturín Hospital with free cytologies. (Photo: Ana Rodríguez)

With the performance of totally free cytologies, this Monday 30 ladies from the Boquerón parish of the Maturín municipality were favored, through the program developed by the Government of Monagas and the Ministry of Popular Power for Women, which is called "Health Route of Women and Gender Equality ”.

This was reported by Eduvelys Tovar, regional director of the Ministry of Women, who also stated that they also held a previous meeting where they provided care to another 36 ladies, for a total of 66 Monagas favored to date.

The official indicated that the first activity was developed at the Ernesto “Che” Guevara High Technology Center (CAT), where mammography, bone densitometry and tomography studies were performed on the women; and the second was held this Monday at the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar University Hospital (HUMNT). 

Tovar stated that “complying with the entire biosafety protocol and under the guidance of Governor Yelitze Santaellla, and with the accompaniment of the team of the Vice-Presidency of Women of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, we continue to serve women with preventive issues in what refers to diseases such as cervical, breast and other cancers ”.


Elizabeth Gil, who was favored with the cytology session, thanked for the attention received. “I thank everyone who made this activity possible for the benefit of our health. Currently it is a study that in the private sector has a high cost and I am very happy with the kind treatment of all the personnel of Núñez Tovar, as well as those responsible for the operation ”.

Next attention

The regional director of the Ministry of Women announced that on Friday, January 22, another 50 patients who will undergo a gynecological examination will be treated at the Central Hospital of Maturín. 25 women from the San Simón parish and another 25 from Las Cocuizas were selected. In the same way, on Saturday, January 23, women from the Caripe municipality and the capital city will be favored with tomography studies.