Penitentiary Ministry and TSJ carry out judicial cayapa at the Cicpc checkpoint

Minister for the Penitentiary Service, Mirelys Contreras, during a Day of Legal Assistance, at the headquarters of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), in the Capital District

The Minister for the Penitentiary Service, Mirelys Contreras, reported that this Monday a Legal Attention Conference was held at the headquarters of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc), located in the Capital District, where the judges reviewed the files of each case of those deprived of liberty, in order to guarantee effective judicial protection. 

The information was disclosed through a statement issued by Minister Contreras's office. 

The head of the penitentiary portfolio stressed that these days began in February, complying with the guidelines of our President Nicolás Maduro and the Sectorial Vice President of Citizen Security and Peace, Minister Carmen Meléndez, in which new strategies and public policies, in order to bring the Legal Attention Sessions to the Preventive Detention Centers, speeding up cases and guaranteeing due judicial process for those deprived of liberty. 

"Today we are at the headquarters of the Cicpc, located in El Rosal, once the number of convicts has been evaluated and the proper review of the files has been evaluated, proceed to review the quotas, and subsequently, execute under my authorization, the transfers corresponding to the penitentiary establishments nationwide ”, informed the high official. 

Contreras stated that the Ministry is conducting psychosocial evaluations of those deprived of liberty that correspond to them and those who opt for any of the Alternative Formulas for Sentence Compliance, part of the evaluation team made up of lawyers, psychologists, criminologists and social workers, members of the Directorate General of Criminal Registry and Control. 

Minister Contreras announced that more than 50 psychosocial examinations were carried out at the Cicpc-El Rosal, work that will continue this Tuesday, May 4.   

For his part, G / D José Gregorio Rojas Eugenio, expressed that the habitability conditions of each Detention Center are being reviewed, allowing suggestions for the rehabilitation of spaces, guaranteeing adequate conditions for their confinement, where they comply with the human rights. 



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