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Overflows damage crops in Cojedes

Overflows keep protection and citizen security teams on alert

Heavy rains in the state of Cojedes caused a new rise in water levels in the El Jobal, Camoruco and Caño de Agua rivers, resulting in overflow and flooding in the communities of the Ricaurte municipality.

The agricultural area of ​​the municipality is so far the most affected, producers have expressed that part of their crops have been lost due to the debris and sediments that the Overflows drag.

Minor damages in public services have also been causing these precipitations in the aforementioned locality; the fall of trees has caused failures in the electrical system, situations that have generated the alarm and mobilization of citizen security forces such as Firefighters, Civil Protection, Bolivarian National Guard, the National Police and teams from the Ricaurte mayor's office.

The communities of El Jobal, Genareño, Santoyero, Borrita, Palo Blanco, Arenal and Puente de Hierro, are some of those that present the greatest risks due to overflow, whose extensions of land are the most productive for activities such as cattle ranching and agriculture in areas such as cereals, legumes and Musaceae.

There are more than one hundred farmers who make life in the affected areas, José Morales, an inhabitant of El Jobal, said that after the rains they have had to remove cattle, chickens and pigs due to the floods, he also said that the water currents have devastated entire plantings of plantain, corn, and tubers, generating total and partial losses in some cases.

Overflows and floods

In El Cañaveral and the Fernando Figueredo urban planning, the 23 de Enero, La Chepera and Campo Alegre sectors, so far there are overflows and floods in the lower areas, Damián Barradas, mayor of Ricaurte, reported that they are in permanent deployment together with the security teams, monitoring and advancing cleaning works in the river, where a solid waste casing has been made that facilitates the overflow of the flow.

In this sense, Barradas said that for a few weeks they have been collecting waste and joining forces with security agencies and the support of Hidráulico Cojedes, Corpoelec and other national entities such as Pdval, who have provided support in the face of the alert.

The reconstruction of barriers or retaining walls are part of the actions that the Mayor has expressed, in which they are already working, he also called on the inhabitants of the municipality for better management of solid waste that ends up in the riverbanks causing this type of emergencies.

Rain Plan 2022

The commander of the Cojedes Fire Department, Carlos Reyes, said that there are 247 members of this organization that are monitoring the tributaries and carrying out preventive measures throughout the Cojedes state, in the face of this rainy period.

The cash expressed that motorcycle-type vehicles and ambulances continue to develop the 2022 Rain Plan, providing pertinent attention to any alarm that may be generated by the recent rains.

Reyes assured that in the Ricaurte municipality so far there have been no human losses, but there has been material damage, so they are under permanent monitoring, as well as in the Pao Reservoir, El Pao municipality of San Juan Bautista de Cojedes, where there has been an increase from 126 to 128 millimeters above sea level, with the alert status being 131 mm.

He also clarified that they are in the preventive phase of the 2022 Rain Plan, carrying out mitigation, prevention and warning in the population. Reyes stressed that they are doing the pertinent work in this matter, in a timely manner and in conjunction with the communities and other citizen protection and security agencies.


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