Older adults receive Sputnik V vaccine in Monagas and Zulia

Since this Saturday, the vaccination days were present in various states of the country, prioritizing the elderly sector, who is part of the population that is most at risk from the covid-19 pandemic. In this sense, an important number of doses was estimated to immunize the grandparents and grandmothers of the regions, who will be summoned to the vaccination points, through the Patria system.

Zulia already applies the Sputnik vaccine to older adults

At the Banzulia headquarters in the Maracaibo municipality, vaccination with Sputnik V was started for older adults in the region, with the aim of containing covid-19 and strengthening health policies in the entity. 

The governor of Zulia, Omar Prieto, reported that this health action was possible thanks to the international agreements signed by President Nicolás Maduro with the Republic of Russia, so this time they receive the first application of the Sputnik V vaccine which will be placed the second dose within 21 days. 

Prieto said that "It is a blessing that today we are placing the Russian vaccine to grandparents and grandmothers, today they are protected by God, by the Sputnik V vaccine and by the Bolivarian Revolution that will always be on the side of the people," he said.

Prieto Fernández urged older adults who received the anticovid vaccine to fully comply with biosafety measures, because despite having protection there are new variants that could affect the health of each one. 

On the other hand, the regional president highlighted the work of the Banzulia medical-social program because it provides medicines and assistance to grandparents and grandmothers since, in his opinion, it is important that older adults should maintain the strengthening of their immune system, in case get infected with covid-19 have a better chance of overcoming the virus. 

He added that the vaccination process for the elderly will be extended in the 21 municipalities of the state and later with the prompt development of anticovid vaccines in the country with the support of Cuban scientists, the entire Zulia population will be immunized. 

Third batch of Sputnik V vaccines arrived at the Maturín hospital

With 795 doses they will immunize health personnel and the elderly

A third batch containing 795 Sputnik V vaccines, to the Dr. Manuel Núñez Tovar University Hospital and Sentinel (HUMNT) of Maturín, to continue the immunization of health personnel and start the vaccination day of the elderly against covid-19.

The shipment was received by the coordinator of the Monagas State Hospital and Outpatient Network, Delia Cedeño, who together with the director of the HUMNT, Darwin Moreno; and the coordinator of Nursing, Glaris Febres; They verified the strict sanitary measures that must prevail for the storage of the biological product. 

Cedeño reported that of the total vaccines, 500 doses will be applied to first-line health personnel who are in charge of caring for coronavirus-positive patients; and the other 295 to the elderly.

He explained that in the case of older adults, those over 60 years old who present some type of comorbidity will be selected, that is, they suffer from congenital malformations of the circulatory system, ischemic heart diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, rheumatic heart diseases, among other 

Received 2 thousand 90 doses. The director of the Maturín hospital indicated that with this recent delivery of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, 2 thousand 90 doses have been received to date. Moreno specified that this lot represents the number three delivery received by the Monagas state of Sputnik V, being in the month of February the first endowment. In this sense, the nursing coordinator of the Núñez Tovar hospital pointed out that for this Monday, April 12, the new vaccination day of the sentinel hospital staff will start.

Correspondents: Mayerlin González / Greissy Marcano



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