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Elderly adults from Guárico receive reinforcement of anticovid

From the headquarters of the Regional Health Directorate of the Guárico state, located in the city of San Juan de los Morros, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, older adults received the third dose corresponding to the National Vaccination Reinforcement Plan against covid-19.

In this context, Dr. Rayner Rondón, the Single Health Authority of this Llanera entity, stated that throughout the Llanero territory there are more than 350 vaccination centers active in the 15 municipalities and 39 parishes, including popular medical clinics, Comprehensive Diagnostics (CDI) and favorable spaces to deploy medical teams and cover the largest number of the population.

Likewise, Rondón emphasized that in each of these points, the application of both the first, second and third booster doses to each person is guaranteed once the period of 6 months after the second has been completed, with Abdala, Sinopharm and Soberana vaccines available. for the respective administration.

In turn, he explained that in the state there are 3 massive fixed active centers in which in addition to applying the aforementioned vaccines, the application of Sputnik is also carried out for those who initially received this dose, ensuring availability to attend to the General population.

These points are located at: San Juan de los Morros, the Regional Health Directorate; in Valle de la Pascua, the Social Development Directorate of the Leonardo Infante municipality mayor's office and in Calabozo, at the headquarters of the Trade Union House.

Finally, the regional health representative, Dr. Rayner Rondón, currently in the Guárico state has reached 90,6% of the goal stipulated in the entity within the immunization process, which represents more than 590 thousand inhabitants who have received the respective doses.