Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor rehabilitated 154 homes in Trujillo

They recovered common spaces such as the Church, the square and the court

Around 154 homes were rehabilitated by the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor and the popular power organized in the La Peñita sector of the Pampanito municipality in Trujillo state, with painting, replacement of sanitary rooms, placement of doors, among other benefits.

This was reported by the mayor of the Pampanito municipality Leonel Ruiz, who said that in addition to the houses, the Educational Institution, the sports field, the church, the plaza, the ambulatory, the feeding house and other common areas of the sector were recovered.

“In the midst of the difficulties we are winning because we are blocked, they have taken away all resources and yet we are reaching out to the communities, solving their most heartfelt problems. For two weeks, the inhabitants of this sector together with the teams from the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor made these works possible, ”he pointed out.

For his part, the deputy to the National Assembly Gerardo Márquez, described the day as extraordinary, in which sports events, artistic and cultural presentations, free medical care, delivery of medicines, assessment of size and weight, sewing samples, tissues and the delivery of knowledge certification by the National Institute for Socialist Training and Education (Inces).

“We have had an extraordinary activity with sporting, artistic and cultural meetings, we have had the participation of entrepreneurs from the sector, the representation of what is produced here such as cocoa (…) we have had the accompaniment as a single national, regional and municipal government to bring happiness to the people ”, he expressed.

During the activity, Márquez announced the delivery of a transformer and several light bulbs, to favor not only the La Peñita sector but the entire municipality.

"We have brought, thanks to the support of the President of the Republic and Minister Reverol, a transformer for this municipality and we have brought a significant amount of light bulbs to serve this community and Pampanito," he said.

Meanwhile, the regional manager of Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, Grecia Rodríguez explained that this is the third community to be addressed in the state of Trujillo, within the framework of the revival of the great mission in the 100 days of management.

“The people have been the protagonists because they have gone out, they have painted, they have rehabilitated their spaces; We see a beautiful management by the hand of our Bolivarian mayor, where the national government, the state government, the mayor's office and the support of Major Gerardo Márquez have joined so that the benefits for the community are achieved ”, he said.

On the other hand, Rodríguez referred to the start of the special intervention plan for 20 sports fields, with the support of the Sports Institute (Indet) and other institutions of the entity.

It is worth mentioning that the Social Development Directorate of the state government, Educational Zone, the National Institute of Nutrition, Corpoelec, Inces, Mission Robinson, Trujillo Gas Comunal, Indet, Mission Food, the Preventive Front and state security, among other agencies.



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