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Cantv new generation node inaugurated in Macarao

Mayor Meléndez celebrated the fact that the Cantv Communal Plan is already present in the Macarao parish

This Friday, a New Generation Node was inaugurated, to optimize the telecommunications service to more than a thousand families in 10 sectors of the Macarao parish, La Arenosa sector, in Caracas.

The information was released by the Radio Miraflores Twitter social network account, detailing this new New Generation Node that will benefit more than 10 sectors.

The opening ceremony was led by the president of the National Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv), Jesús Aldana; the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez; and the head of Government of the Capital District, Nahúm Fernández.

Towards the intelligent Caracas

Mayor Carmen Meléndez celebrated the fact that the Cantv Communal Plan is already present in the Macarao parish, to “optimize communications in different sectors.

“In this way we are progressively moving towards the Smart Caracas that we set out to achieve. United, we continue working!” Meléndez remarked.

Cantv provides fixed telephony and Internet service to the sectors of 19 de Abril, Fuente de Vida, Tierra Blanca, Guaicaipuro, Tres Puentes, Hacienda Carite, Independencia, Río Cristal, La Veguita, Lomas de Andrés, said the Mayor.

These communities "already have communication, Cantv is reaching our people with the instruction given by President Nicolás Maduro that Cantv reach the communities," he stressed.

For his part, the Head of Government Nahum Fernández, described the installation of the New Generation Node as a "great job" by the National Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv).

«One is impressed that a place so far from the city and that now has an internet connection and telephone communication, communicates with the centrality, the city. This is an achievement that is only possible in Revolution », he stressed.

community voices

After the inauguration of the Node in Macarao, inhabitants present at the act said that this action "is an expansion, super expansion towards the city of Carite and Lomas de Andrés, it expanded towards more families" the telecommunications service in the sector, referred one of the local people.

"Thanks to the organization, this is an achievement, these works that we have," said another lady who lives in the sector.

For her part, Mayor Meléndez in a house in Macaro tested with a telephone to verify that the lines worked and said: “We congratulate Major General Jesús Aldana, we are testing, testing, testing, congratulations and if the lines work” .

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