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Democratic Alliance: New NA must put a stop to sanctions

The parties grouped in the opposition collation "Democratic Alliance" rejected the policy of coercive and unilateral measures applied by the United States Government against Venezuela and argued that the new National Assembly that is elected on December 6 must "put a stop to it"

“We have to prepare ourselves from the National Assembly to immediately stop everything related to sanctions. The next elections lead us to face the possibility of seeking the National Assembly as a meeting point and understanding of the Venezuelan political conflicts, ”said Juan Carlos Alvarado, leader of this collation that groups the Acción Democrática (AD), Copei, Avanzada parties. Progressive (AP), The Change and Let's Change.

They expressed their repudiation of the recent "sanctions" imposed by the Trump administration against the secretary general of AD, Bernabé Gutiérrez and maintained that these measures affect all Venezuelans.

"The sanctions and the measures that are taken to achieve the possibility of entering inputs for the Venezuelan people are not affecting Chavismo or opposition leaders, but the entire people," he emphasized.

Ready for elections

Alvarado stressed that the period to make the changes of candidacies has closed, the coalition of parties maintained a "100% perfect alliance" for candidates throughout the country and the 87 electoral districts.

He called the unit of all the opposition that attends this electoral process and announced that this Tuesday they will hold a meeting with the board of the National Electoral Council (CNE) to verify the guarantees and electoral conditions.

He pointed out that a new audit of the process will be carried out in the coming days and announced that Alianza Democrática will send specialized technicians in order to guarantee an exhaustive review that guarantees transparency and reliability.

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