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National government provides compactor trucks to Barinas

The first of 12 units that will be delivered to address the waste collection problem in Barinas has arrived

The national government provides compactor units and trucks to the Barinas municipality, with the aim of addressing the issue of solid waste collection.

The information was released by the lawyer Robert Molina, legal consultant to the Mayor's Office of Barinas, who through his social networks reported that the first truck, of the 12, arrived at the entity to strengthen the actions developed by the Ecological Company of Barinas (Ecodeba).

Molina mentioned that thanks to the articulations between the local president and President Nicolás Maduro, a concrete response will be given to what is related to the service.

Recently, Mayor Paredes was in Caracas to carry out the corresponding negotiations with the National Executive and the Ministry of Ecosocialism. In addition, these actions are part of the agreements that were reached during the installation of the Communal Cabinet, on April 27.

Compactor trucks and other mobile units

The mayor thanked President Nicolás Maduro for supporting the improvement of public services in the capital municipality.

In the next few days, three satellite units (Trimotos) will also arrive in order to reach communities that are difficult to access, four Minimatik Compactors, a Roll On truck with four containers that will be located in strategic locations and a unit with a mechanical arm, Jaiba type. .

FANB joins the waste collection days

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces carry out solid waste collection operations in different points of the capital municipality, in order to contribute to the cleanliness of the city.

G/D José Rafael Serrano Gotera supervised the event held on Avenida Cuatricentenaria de Barinas, specifically in the Bicentennial market.

“In a civic-military union together with the stationed military units, the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of the Barinas municipality; working as a team and coordination with the Minister of Communes and Social Movements, and political head of the state of Barinas, Jorge Arreaza; They began with solid waste collection work in various parts of the city, fulfilling their mission of supporting the institutions and the people”, highlighted Serrano Gotera.

Mayor recognized serious garbage situation

Recently, the mayor of the Barinas municipality, Rafael Paredes, acknowledged in a radio interview that the serious problem with the collection of solid waste is the Achilles heel of his government, considering that the failure is mainly due to the collection of this service it is practically nil.

"If everyone canceled as it should be, we could cover these spaces," said the mayor, calling, above all, on merchants to cancel the tariff.

Until now, Paredes said, only a 16% collection has been achieved, which is insufficient for the maintenance of the units.

He indicated that there are currently 11 damaged collection trucks that are parked in the Fairgrounds, which could be recovered if citizens paid for the service.

The local president pointed out that only four units are those that cover the collection of garbage in the streets and avenues of the city.

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