More than 35 thousand spaces were disinfected in Barinas this year

The Venezuela Bella mission carried out more than 35 thousand disinfections of high-risk spaces in the state of Barinas in the fight against covid-19.

This was announced by the governor of the entity, Argenis Chávez, during a conference that took place this Wednesday in the Bolívar square of the capital municipality, where the rehabilitation of green areas was carried out.

The regional president stressed that since March all cleaning and disinfection work with sodium hypochlorite began in healthcare centers, urban planning, public spaces and different areas of the 12 municipalities that comprise the Llanera entity.

He indicated that Civil Protection and firefighting commissions carried out the purification of the House of Culture, Symphony Orchestra, Guárico School Group and the Dr. Luis Razetti Hospital.

He called on the entire community to abide by preventive measures to avoid a re-outbreak of the coronavirus.

“It is important that the Barinese go out with masks, wash their hands constantly and you have to avoid crowds. These holidays we must abide by all the protocols, let us take care of health and life above all ”, he mentioned.



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