More than 120 nationals returned with the Plan Vuelta a la Patria

This Tuesday a group of 124 Venezuelans arrived in the Delta, including men, women and children from Trinidad and Tobago who were treated through the Plan Vuelta a la Patria promoted by the national government.

This was reported by Governor Lizeta Hernández while explaining how the process of return of the Venezuelans was and the actions that are being carried out to continue with the plan.

"Today we are making this reunion a reality, thanks to the great efforts of both the Armed Forces and the security forces and the State Attorney, who was in charge of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, and of making all the contacts so that our brothers return to the homeland of Bolívar, we cannot criticize or place the inquisitive finger, we want everyone to return to our Venezuela that deserves our work, our love and desire to get ahead, "said the governor.

For his part, Vice Admiral Euclides Brito, commander of the Integral Defense Zone in Delta Amacuro (Zodi 61) reported that the compatriots traveled by river in a Venezuelan Navy vessel.

«Not all of them are from Tucupita, but if they are from Venezuelan territory and loved ones in their homeland, they were embarked on the Tango-71 transport of the Navy and are safe, for this all the necessary logistics were taken, to receive them and comply with all the biosafety protocols, the review of their health status, the corresponding tests due to Covid and according to these exams send them or let them go home so that they can begin to resume their normal life, “said the Commander of the Zodi.

The authorities assured that all will be sent to home quarantine and it was learned that they will continue to take the necessary steps to bring a group of 700 Venezuelans who hope to return to Venezuela through the Plan Vuelta a la Patria this week.

All biosafety protocols were met


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