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More than 1.717 tons of asphalt have been placed in Sucre

Seven municipalities and more than 150 communities have been intervened with the asphalt plan

In the state of Sucre, seven of the 15 municipalities of the eastern entity have been intervened, with the placement of more than 1.717 tons of asphalt since March 21 of this year, through the Patching and Asphalting Plan promoted by the governor of the region. Gilberto Pinto.

Among the municipalities covered by this plan are Bermúdez (Carúpano), Mariño (Irapa), Ribero (Cariaco), Bolívar (Mariguitar), Andrés Mata (San José de Aerocual), Valdez (Güiria) and Sucre (Cumaná).

Lucy Coa, president of the Autonomous Road Service of the state of Sucre (Saves), reported that the works are carried out by the Saves crews and are part of the public policies implemented by the regional president through the "Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho" government and development plan, which he promotes in the state to optimize and improve the quality of life of the community.

"We have served more than 150 communities in different municipalities of the state with patching and asphalt work in these first six months," said Coa.

On University Avenue in the city of Cumaná, he explained that patching work was carried out where some 12 tons of asphalt mixture were applied, with the aim of improving the traffic on this important arterial road.

Likewise, he stressed that on Mariño street in the center of the first-born city, the Saves crews executed the pothole in the 25-meter extension that makes up the road.

He reported that Perimetral Avenue was also intervened with the placement of asphalt layer, with the purpose of offering the population a road in favorable conditions.

In this sense, the communities of Cumaná such as Campeche, San Isidro, Sarmiento, Barrio Sucre and El Polígono have been approached with this regional plan that seeks to guarantee the good condition of the roads to optimize vehicular traffic.

Likewise, Coa explained that with regard to Irapa, municipality of Mariño, in Troncal 009, specifically in the Río Grande Abajo and Río Seco sectors of the Irapa parish, leveling and rolling of the folder were carried out for the placement of approximately 50 tons of asphalt mix.

Roads in the state of Sucre are improved

In the same way, he added that in addition to the pothole work they are carrying out road demarcation work and placing reflective studs. Actions that had not been carried out for more than 20 years.

He pointed out that approximately more than 50 kilometers of roads have been demarcated and more than 8 reflective markings have been placed on Trunk 009.

“We have also intervened with defense paint on the entire Cumaná – Marigüitar road. We are deployed throughout the territory to provide our population with safe roads. In at least 40 communities we have carried out demarcation work, pedestrian crossings and school zones », he said.

“Pantoño” asphalt plant activated

In this regard, engineer Lucy Coa also reported that the "Pantoño" asphalt plant, located in Casanay, Andrés Eloy Blanco municipality, was activated by the Government of Sucre, which has a production capacity of 120 tons of asphalt per day and it has been distributed during the Patching and Asphalting plan in the entity.

He assured that the transport fleet and machinery for laying asphalt was also 90% recovered.

"We have a Finisher machine, a vibrocompactor, a scarifier, a patching unit and we also acquired a marker truck to be able to have a better performance in our activities," he pointed out.

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