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Moncada: They use humanitarian aid to invade

Venezuela does not follow the initiative of "Responsibility to Protect and the Prevention of Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Purification and Crimes Against Humanity", which is discussed by the United Nations, considering that it is used as an excuse to invade, block, and violate the rule of law and human rights of the peoples.

The Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, rejected the inclusion of the issue on the agenda and denounced the instrumentalization and selective use of this “responsibility”, citing the case of Libya in 2011.

“The same powers that promised the salvation of nations and ended in their destruction are those that today, with the same discourse, threaten the independence and territorial integrity of Venezuela. With the same humanitarian narrative, they threaten armed force to destroy the peace of our nation ”, he argued.

"The clearest aggression (against Venezuela) occurred in February 2019, when they tried, from Colombia, to fabricate a military conflict using as an excuse a false humanitarian operation," he said.

He recalled how the US Development Agency (USAID) recognized in April that "it was actually a military operation to impose the policy of" maximum pressure "against our country", which would be a "precedent dangerous for the peace of the region, and for humanitarian operations in the world ... the perversion of humanitarianism to achieve imperial ends. It is colonial aggression with humanitarian discourse, ”he said.

Finally, he stressed how "unilateral coercive measures are acts of economic aggression that violate the human rights of hundreds of millions of people in 29 countries"