Mincomercio deploys plan for price stability in Barinas

Meeting with businessmen, merchants and producers of the entity @eneidalayapsuv

The Ministry of Popular Power for Commerce activated the Plan for the Stability of Reasonable and Balanced Prices and Supply "in the state of Barinas.

The activity took place this Monday and was headed by the vice minister of this portfolio, Luis Villegas, and the regional authorities.
This deployment was made through a meeting with the entity's producers, businessmen and merchants in order to establish and agree on a joint work with the national and regional government to guarantee the stability of fair prices and supply.

Vice Minister Villegas explained that they are in permanent dialogue, on the instructions of the National Executive, to listen and attend to the requests of the different productive sectors of the country.

«We deployed the price agreement tables, where we met with merchants and businessmen in order to attend to the proposals and consolidate the economy of our country. In Barinas we noticed that the participation was massive ”, he declared.

Arturo Candamil, vice president of the Barinas Producers Association, mentioned that issues were addressed to increase production in the entity.

«This type of action gives us security and guarantees to continue believing and investing in this state and the country. One of the situations we raised was the issue of invasions that is causing severe problems, "he said.

Ibrahim Carinha, representative of the trade sector, described the meeting as fruitful and timely. He highlighted the willingness of the government and trade system to unify the criteria in favor of advancing towards evolution and economic development in these times of pandemic.



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