Mervin Maldonado: sanctions affect young Venezuelans "dramatically"

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Mervin Maldonado, denounced that the US sanctions against the country affect "dramatically" young Venezuelans.

Maldonado pointed out that in the context of the new coronavirus pandemic, Venezuela suffers the effects of a "program of maximum calculated cruelty, through the illegal imposition of unilateral coercive measures against the entire Venezuelan population," the Xinhua news agency reports.

He added that the sanctions "continually seek to curtail the country's development and social inclusion policies," Maldonado said during his speech via teleconference at the tenth edition of the Youth Forum, promoted by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Ecosoc).

He indicated that the emergency caused by the pandemic "must become a unique opportunity to reinvigorate multilateralism, solidarity and transparent cooperation," as well as to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

"We reiterate our firm will to continue working together with the United Nations, the international community and social and global actors to promote young people as agents par excellence of transformation," said Maldonado.

He emphasized that in a year "of great challenges for humanity even in the midst of a pandemic that has affected the most vulnerable sectors," young people play a decisive role in all areas of development.

The minister also ratified his country's position that vaccines against the new coronavirus disease should be "a global public good with equitable access."



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