Meléndez: Fear and coercion have been left behind

"Fear and coercion were left behind," said the head for Citizen Security and Peace

After the security operation deployed by the National Government to neutralize the violent events that occurred on July 07 and 08 at Cota 905, by criminal groups linked to the Venezuelan right, this Tuesday the Minister of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace Carmen Meléndez affirmed that "progressively, we are restoring trust to this community, which has the right to Peace and Life," he said.

Through her social networks, the also Sectorial Vice President for Citizen Security and Peace asserted that "the fear and coercion exercised by those who had seized Cota 905 with violence have been left behind." At the same time, he shared an audiovisual short with various details of what was the operation carried out by the security officials in the community of the southwest of the capital.

In the operation undertaken, it was possible to collect high-caliber weapons, equipment to undertake terrorist actions and other evidence that links this criminal organization with the Venezuelan and international right, which once again insists on undermining the Peace of the Venezuelan citizens and State.



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