Mayor Wisely Álvarez tested positive for covid-19

This Saturday the mayor of the Guaicaipuro municipality of Miranda state, Wisely Álvarez, reported being positive for covid-19, through her social networks the local president, indicated that she received the results of the PCR test where the contagion is confirmed.

"I regret to inform you that after having presented symptoms in recent days, today I receive the results of the PCR test and unfortunately they have been positive for covid-19," she said.

She maintained that she is already complying with medical treatment protocols and in isolation to overcome the virus. «I am already in isolation and with the required medical treatments. I will take on this new battle to be victorious soon," she said.

She also indicated that he will keep an eye on the management work for the benefit of the people. «I will be very vigilant, following up on the management, always effectively and efficiently in favor of the people of our beloved Guaicaipuro municipality. God with us, we will win!” she said.

In the Altos Mirandinos sub-region, the mayor of Carrizal 'Farith Fraija and the protector of Los Salias for the Psuv', Héctor Constant, were also positive, who have already recovered.

The governor of Miranda 'Héctor Rodríguez along with his family tested positive and overcame the disease.

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