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Maduro: we must revolutionize the movement of settlers

The People's Movement shared their experiences with the President

In order to promote self-management, the Movement of settlers and settlers from Venezuela went to the Miraflores Palace, where he shared his experiences with the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

"We are entering a new stage of transition to socialism, what I have called the 3R.NETS (Resist, Reborn and Revolutionize)", stressed the national president.

We must have a 1×10 communication with the settlers' movement, to avoid abuses.

 "We must create a direct communication channel to deal with complaints about the violation of the Law, abuses and attempted evictions in the national territory," he said.

Against illegal evictions

On Tuesday, the president instructed the Sectorial Vice President for Social and Territorial Socialism, Mervin Maldonado, to investigate the situation of illegal evictions that are taking place in the capital city.

"I charge the Sectorial Vice President Mervin Maldonado, for the protection of families that are being threatened with illegal increases," ordered the Venezuelan head of state.

This institutional decree is due after the complaint filed by the Movement of Settlers and Settlers, who warned that 350 families in Caracas are at risk of eviction.

Execution of the regulations of the law for residential workers

President Maduro commissioned Minister Villarroel together with Minister Jorge Arreaza to deal with the issue of housing for residential workers, who need it most, especially those of the elderly.

he instructed this Tuesday the Minister for Habitat and Housing, Ildemaro Villarroel; and the head of the Communes portfolio, Jorge Arreaza, to design a plan for the construction of homes for residential workers, emphasizing the elderly "who are the ones who need it most," he stressed.

Maduro urged the Executive Vice President to review the regulation for residential workers, which is still pending, to publish it in the Official Gazette.

The movement urged the National President to mobilize the approval of the Organic Law on the Right to the City and Temporary Housing.

Given the facts, the president asked the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, to hold a meeting together with the authorities and the Movement of Residents and Residents, in order to work on the Prometheus project.

He also stated that the Social Production Law for Housing and Habitat will be debated in the National Assembly (AN).

“We are going to introduce a team to the in-depth study of this Law and we are going to coordinate with the president of the National Assembly the programming that they have in the debate of this Law.”

In this sense, he called to join the creation of the law to the Great Housing Mission Venezuela, since it must be a participatory and leading subject of the community life of the Venezuelan people.

Great Housing Mission must listen to popular power

During the meeting with the Movement of Residents and Residents, the National President stated that the Great Venezuela Housing Mission (GMVV), must be open to the proposals presented by popular power.

"The Great Venezuela Housing Mission has to open the doors to listen to the criticism and proposals of the popular movement," he stressed.

Maduro asked the executive to carry out a complete review of all laws related to housing, with the aim of guaranteeing the development of urban planning, as well as to avoid illegal and arbitrary evictions, a fact that was denounced during the meeting with residents. 

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said on Monday that a draft Law on Social Production for Housing and Habitat will be presented to the National Assembly (AN). 

“We are going to introduce a team to the in-depth study of this Law and we are going to coordinate with the president of the National Assembly the programming that they have in the debate of this Law,” he said.


  1. First of all, receive a cordial greeting, in view of this problem it is very important to emphasize and take into account that many of these people have already been benefited by the great Venezuela housing mission where I attest and have seen the sale of the same and have gone in I am looking for another one, for my own sake I was in the Senate about eighteen years ago and they still have not taken me into account and instead I have stood firm with the party I am also in Caracas waiting for this great program that has benefited people that they do not value it if they did not throw a business out of it to profit and at the same time make fun of our government I hope this is taken into account thanks

  2. This should also apply to illegal evictions through courts in terms of commercial premises, due process is not being applied for such purposes, becoming illegal actions and affecting the country's productive system.

  3. People must pay their rent, because if they are not a living person who wants to profit from the effort of another, it is not correct or worthy.

  4. It is very necessary that measures be taken in this regard, I am currently threatened with an eviction with a lawyer through a court of alleged successors (they have not been identified as such) permanent disturbances, kidnapping of my belongings, theft, arbitrary internal eviction of occupants unrelated to me person, improper use of services such as electricity, water, of course, the physical spaces that canco before Sunavi. Take this as a voice calling for urgent assistance in the face of such blatant actions.

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