Maduro Guerra: The people of Venezuela have a democratic conscience

From the Casa Comunal center, of the Hugo Chávez Urbanism, Urimare parish, the deputy of the AN, Nicolás Guerra, thanked the people for their participation. Photo: Jesús Gazzaneo- Cirilo Hernández

A recognition of the participation and organization of the Guaireño people was made by the candidates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) during the deployment of the electoral simulation in the country.

«The people of Venezuela have a deep democratic conscience. That democratic spirit comes out once more to become familiar with the system, "said the deputy to the National Assembly, Nicolás Maduro Guerra, from the Casa Comunal center, Hugo Chávez Urban Planning, Urimare parish.

He assured that there has been a high citizen participation in the electoral simulation, "it is important that citizens can attend the centers to observe how the process is and become familiar with the process."

In the different voting centers, a high level of citizen participation has been registered in the electoral simulation.


During a tour of the voting centers of La Guaira, a large number of voters could be observed.

"This is a process characterized by respect and trust in the electoral power," said José Alejandro Terán, candidate for the Governor of La Guaira, from the Narasizo Gonel voting center, located in the Catia La Mar parish.

He highlighted the capacity for participation of the people and the recognition of the vote, "to settle our differences of the people is admirable."

"We reaffirm once again that we have the best electoral system," said José Manuel Suárez, candidate for Mayor of Vargas.

A large number of voters could be observed until late in the afternoon.

For their part, the opposition parties in the entity made a call to participate en masse in the electoral simulation and exercise of the vote on November 21.

"This process does not belong to a group or political parties, but to the people," said José Manuel Olivares, candidate for governor of La Guaira, by the Democratic Unity Table, from the Narcizo Gonal voting center, in the Catia La Mar parish.



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