President Maduro decreed flexible the months of November and December

The momentary suspension of 7 + 7 will promote the economic and commercial growth of the country

This Sunday, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, declared the months of November and December flexible in order to support the economic and commercial growth of the country, which, he said, will result in happiness and social security for the Venezuelan people.

"Venezuela will begin safe and conscious flexibilization from November 1 to December 31, and the 7 + 7 method will be temporarily suspended from that date," said the National President.

He stressed that this decision was based on the proposals and reports established by the Presidential Commission, responding to the progress that has been made in the field of vaccines, medicines and biosafety care.

He recalled that each decision is studied with the sole objective of guaranteeing social protection, protection of entrepreneurs, and workers "for the maximum social happiness of the Venezuelan people," he stressed.

In addition, he announced that they are taking the necessary steps to acquire more vaccines to reinforce, by 2022, immunity against the Covid-19 disease. He also said that it already registers 53,5% of the vaccinated population. 

He reiterated that the country has vaccines for 80% of Venezuelans. 

Likewise, he reminded those over 18 that they can go to be vaccinated at any of the more than 700 centers throughout the national territory. 

The goal is, at the end of October, to vaccinate 70%, and by December 31, to have 95%. FIN / AVN / ACM / DUVM



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