More than a thousand audits carried out by Sundde in the week of relaxation

A total of 1.245 audits carried out at the national level by the National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde), managing to protect the individual, collective and diffuse rights of the Venezuelan people during the week of safe and guarded flexibility, in order to prevent the perpetration of socio-economic crimes typified in the Organic Law of Fair Prices.

Through these inspections, the Sundde was able to benefit 15 families with supervised sales, issuing appeals to some 350 businesses; In addition, it carried out a series of supervisions to 2 transport lines in the existing passenger land terminals in the country.

During the week of safe and supervised flexibilization, this entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for National Commerce reported that these inspection days were distributed throughout the national territory, accounting for 574 audits to the food sector, which involves supermarkets, supplies and markets municipal; 122 exhaustive reviews of the pharmaceutical sector and 549 in the different electrical appliance, hardware, footwear and textile stores, in addition to involving service providers.

In relation to the work carried out by the staff of the different regional offices, it was reported that work was carried out in faithful compliance with the biosafety regulations against Covid-19, serving 203 people and also provided digital attention, through the web portal @sundde_ve.

Most of the users filed complaints regarding the crime of speculation and breach of guarantee in products, in addition, they requested intermediation in cases of leases for commercial use, published a press release from the Ministry of National Commerce.

Among the businesses supervised at the national level by officials attached to the Sundde, the Excelsior Gama supermarket, located in Petare, Miranda state; Hiper Líder San Diego, a gas production company for industry; Oxicar medicine and Proservicios Cemetery in Carabobo; the Comercializadora y Distribuidora Las Heroinas II and Clínica Santa Fe, located in the state of Merida.

In Greater Caracas, the home appliance stores IVO and Nadia Hogar, located in Plaza Venezuela and the Las Mercedes urbanization in Greater Caracas, respectively, were audited; as well as the network of Farmatodo pharmacies in several states of the country simultaneously, among other commercial establishments.

They urge businesses to comply with agreed prices

During the inspections, the Sundde prosecutors were able to verify that in several of the audited businesses dedicated to the sale of food, medicine and household appliances, they were in breach of the agreed prices in items of the basic basket; Even the Maximum Price of Sale to the Public (PMVP) was not displayed, nor were there price talkers in exhibited articles and the publication of the Official Exchange Rate, established by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) for those who wanted to pay in foreign currency.

Likewise, the prosecutors also drew up their respective minutes to record several infractions established in the Organic Law of Fair Prices (LOPJ), and were detected in clinics, schools, universities, subscription television companies and cemeteries.

In this sense, the public servants immediately ordered the adjustment of prices in food items and demanded compliance with the LOPJ from the service providers. Among the crimes committed is the breach of formalities, speculation and conditioning, typified in articles 46, 49 and 56 of the aforementioned Organic Law.