Julio León Heredia is proclaimed reelected governor of Yaracuy

The National Electoral Council (CNE) delivered this Wednesday the credentials that empower them as elected governors to the Candidates who won the governorship in Yaracuy on Sunday, the XNUMX mayors, the State Legislative Council and the municipal chambers in different acts carried out in the corresponding jurisdictions.

At the headquarters of the electoral body, in San Felipe, a joint act was held to proclaim the reelected governor of the entity for his fourth consecutive term, Julio León Heredia, the deputies to the state parliament and the mayors of the municipalities that make up the city ​​of San Felipe (San Felipe, Cocorote and Independencia).

The reelected governor, upon receiving his accreditation, mentioned that the PSUV and the Gran Polo Patriótico also won, in addition to the governorship, the 14 mayoralties, the nominal candidates for the State Legislative Council and municipal chambers, and an important participation with the candidates by list.

He highlighted that of the XNUMX seats in the state legislature, XNUMX correspond to the revolutionary forces and XNUMX to the opposition factors. “Once again the people placed their trust in the Bolivarian Revolution, and in the specific case of the government we obtained XNUMX votes, which represents XNUMX% of the vote. We also had a participation that exceeded XNUMX%, that is to say, one of the highest in the country ”, indicated León.

Call for conciliation

The governor of Yaracuy made a public call to dialogue with all the factors of the state to work together for the economic and social recovery of the entity and the entire country. “We are willing to talk with all the political sectors of our state to jointly achieve what we want, which is to be able to overcome these adverse conditions of blockade and sanctions, through production, participation and the good ideas that they contribute each one of the parts ”, pointed León



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