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Jhoneibeth Ziliani is the first Carabobeño of 2022

At 12:00 am he was born in the Maternity «Dr. José María Vargas »from Valencia, the first Carabobeño of the year 2022.

The mayor of the town, Julio Fuenmayor, reported that the newborn named Jhoneibeth Jesús Ziliani Pereira, son of Lisibeth Pereira and Jesús Javier Ziliani Guevara, both 20 years old, was born with a weight of 3,200kg and a height of 53 cm.

During the delivery of baskets and toys to the women in labor of the so-called Maternity of the South, the municipal leader expressed a message of optimism for the Carabobeños in this new year. 

"Today we welcome the first Valencians of the year 2022 and we bless them because they came to this world to bring joy to the most beautiful thing we have as a human being and as a society, which is the family," he said. 

He specified that the newborn came into the world through a cesarean section. 

He also added that at 7:30 am, the second Valencian woman of 2022 was born, named Luciana Celeste Amaya Cáceres, daughter of Roselina Casique, who weighed 2,900 kg and measured 30cm.