Jehyson Guzmán was credited with 40.73% of the votes in Mérida

From the Mucumbarila Convention Center, the representatives of the municipal and regional board of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of the Mérida state awarded the positions and gave the proclamation to Jehyson Guzmán, governor of the Mérida state, Jesús Araque, mayor of the Libertador municipality, as well as legislators and councilors.

José Gregorio Ruíz, regional director of the CNE congratulated the civic and democratic behavior of the people of Merida who expressed their will on November 21.

Ruíz announced that Jehyson Guzmán obtained 116.276 votes in recent elections, representing 40.73%. And Jesús Araque 28.624 votes with 42.92%.

The governor of Mérida state, Jehyson Guzmán welcomed all the elected mayors. "We recognize the electoral referee as the only authority to define the results of each of the processes that took place last Sunday, welcome to the democratic game," he emphasized.

After the formal ceremony, Guzmán announced that he has already formed a liaison commission to receive the governorship that will begin its tasks during the week.

He expressed that together with his team he will carry out a restructuring of the entire government, as he considers that the current administrative structure is out of date in time and space.

He said that he is heading for a profound transformation that includes legislation and also government action, "we will not come to make a take off you to put me on, we are going to govern together with our people to transform Mérida."

In that sense, one of his first steps was to go to the State Comptroller's Office to obtain advice on the transition process, he said that his government will combat corruption and that is why it will make all possible reviews, which allow to determine any irregular act.

Governor-elect Jehyson Guzmán, expressed that his triumph is paid to Commander Chávez, he said that he will involve all social sectors in his administration.

For his part, Jesús Araque, mayor of the Libertador municipality (Mérida) highlighted "we are one government", the work to recover the Andean entity is hand in hand with Guzmán, as a team.

He invited citizens for the next December 2 to be sworn in at the municipality's facilities. He also announced that on December 11 the proclamation of the International Sun Fair will be held.

Credentials to legislators and councilors

In the act, the credentials were also delivered to the elected nominal legislators Pedro Álvarez, Mauriam Samudia, Jesús Armando Lobo, Delia Carolina Vera, Marie Escola Prieto and Noel Jover Avendaño belonging to the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and Gran Polo Patriótico.

In addition to the municipal nominal councilors for the Liberator Fabiola Carolina Hernández, Mari Apolinar, José Supcia and José Dávila, on the list José Ruz, Evelin Quintero, Mari Arias and 18 substitutes all from Psuv and Gran Polo Patriótico.

Also the nominal elected legislators of the opposition are Liliana Guerreo, Alexis Paparoni, Manuel Mora Izarra, William Ceballos, Fabiana Santamaría who later received their credentials.



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