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HomeMirandaThey inspect the overflow of the San Pedro River in Los Teques

They inspect the overflow of the San Pedro River in Los Teques

Garbage, weeds and plant material caused a blockage in the Mal Paso bridge, which caused the overflow of the San Pedro River

The mayor of the Bolivarian municipality of Guaicaipuro, Farith Fraija, carried out an inspection on the morning of this Wednesday, May 25, at the height of the Miranda Fire Department, exactly on the Mal Paso bridge in Los Teques, where the river overflowed. San Pedro, product of the heavy rains registered in hours of the morning.

"Product of garbage, weeds and a quantity of plant material that caused a blockage in the bridge and, approximately where Cauchos Rossi is, the river overflowed," Fraija explained in a press release from the Mayor's Office.

The local president specified that with a total of 60 crew members from the Public Services Company (Serviguaicaipuro), two backhoes, three trucks and a minishover, the rehabilitation of the spaces adjacent to the El Paso fire station and the community is being carried out. Achilles Nazoa.

"There were no major effects, however, we are going to continue dredging the river and carrying out prevention work, so that this type of situation is mitigated and does not affect us as it has affected us on other occasions," said the Mayor, who also evaluated the construction works of the mixed collector in Los Lagos, where there was no type of flooding.

Mayor Fraija also highlighted that the teams from the Miranda Governorate, the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Right to the City of the jurisdiction and Guaicaipuro Civil Protection remain deployed in the place.

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