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In Sur del Lago alert to flooding of rivers and streams

The Chama, Zulia and Escalante rivers have caused the rupture of dams and retaining walls

The Governor of Zulia, Manuel Rosales, expressed that they continue to be on alert in the municipalities in the South of the Lake due to the flooding of the Zulia, Chama and Escalante rivers, causing strong effects in various sectors of the Catatumbo, Colón, Francisco Javier Pulgar and Sucre municipalities.

He pointed out that the actions continue in the municipalities where the rainy season has caused the overflow of rivers and streams, in addition to the breaking of dams and retaining walls.

“We are dealing with the case of the Birimbay Lagoon, where various teams are being mobilized, including an amphibious jumbo jet, which allows the water course to be resumed and prevents it from being dammed and returning to the towns of Santa Bárbara and Encontrados,” he explained. Rosales.

He added that several rivers that surround the South of Lake Maracaibo and that are born in the Andean Cordillera of Venezuela and Colombia have presented an unusual increase in the water level.

Colón Municipality

The Mayor of the Colón municipality, Nervins Sarcos, activated several verification plans for monitoring critical points of the Escalante River.

«The river continues to grow all the time, a wall has already broken in the El Capitan sector, that is in the Escalante below, a lot of water is being dammed in the La Laguna sector, all the water that comes from the Zulia River and that is causing a lot of downstream pressure. 

Sarcos said that they are attending to the critical points, "So far the city of Santa Bárbara, San Carlos and Santa Cruz are being monitored."

He reported that a wall was broken at Finca La Pelota in the El Laberinto sector and in the Moralito parish, which is affecting the sectors of Caño Muerto, Gato Azul, Caño Muerto above and Puerto Chama, "We continue to be deployed in the sectors with constant monitors ». 

He added that they are evaluating the situation of the flow of the Chama River to continue the work, "The producers agreed to start the work themselves, since they want it to be fixed quickly." 

"In the La Fortuna sector the works are larger and more expensive, we are waiting for the national government to evaluate the situation, so that it allows us, between the technicians and them with the machinery, to carry out a major job," Sarcos said. 

The local authority stressed that work is being done on the critical points, because with the rains the walls weaken, “We are placing bags and small machinery so that the walls do not weaken further. When the rivers are rising, you can't work with machinery, only with an amphibian." 

Strategic groups are deployed in the area, including officials from the Fire Department, Policolón, Citizen Security and different directions, who remain vigilant in the face of the damage caused by the rains that have occurred in recent days.

The municipal president expressed that they remain on alert and active 24 hours a day in the facilities of the Mayor's Office of Colón and in the Fire Department, in case of any alarm or eventuality.

The points under evaluation are Puerto Chama, Paraíso, La Fortuna, La Quinta, North Zone of Santa Bárbara, Juan de Dios González, Juan de Dios Briñez and Santa Cruz de Zulia.

Found on alert before the Zulia River floods in Catatumbo

The mayor of the Catatumbo municipality, Fernando Loaiza, reported that they continue to work on the protection walls due to the flooding of the Zulia River at KM 43, "We are concerned that the water from the river does not reach the town of Encontrados and they return to its channel and can flow into Lake Maracaibo.

Loaiza assured that the heavy machinery is maintained to carry out work to reinforce walls, clean pipes and drains. With a jumbo excavator they carry out the reinforcement works to prevent the water of the Zulia River from reaching the Found area. 

Inhabitants of the Catatumbo municipality in the town of Encontrados prepare for the risk of flooding, inhabitants reinforce their homes and erect walls in case any eventuality arises, due to the large amount that comes down from the Zulia River. 

For this reason, municipal authorities continue to be on alert before the increase in the flow of the Zulia River, which continues to flood sectors of the Catatumbo municipality with force. 

The Mayor's Office of the Catatumbo municipality held a comprehensive social day to serve the sectors of La Orchila, La Florida and Caño Caimán, where 84 people, children and adults, were treated, with vaccinations, delivery of medicines and food. 

The municipal president, Fernando Loaiza, said that the residents have not wanted to leave their homes, they fear losing their belongings and animal husbandry, since it is the livelihood of the families. 

He indicated that he has been invited to leave their homes, but they refuse to do so.

food aid

The Ministry of Popular Power for Relations, Interior, Justice and Peace, informed through its account on the social network twitter, that the National Government has sent more than 5 tons of food to the affected areas in the municipalities of the South of the Lake . 

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