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New mayors, councilors and legislators are sworn in in the regions

This Wednesday in the various regions of the country the proclamations of the new elected authorities in the Legislative Councils, Municipal Councils, as well as the mayors and governors who were elected on November 21 in the 2021 Regional and Municipal elections continue.

New Sparta. José Antonio González sworn in as mayor of Porlamar

The directive of the Municipal Council of Mariño, Nueva Esparta state, sworn in on Tuesday José Antonio González Millán, mayor of said jurisdiction, in a ceremony held in Plaza Bolívar de Porlamar.

Before the people of Porlamar, he promised that he will not fail him, since he is committed to transforming the maritime city. "I come with my managerial vision and my experience as a businessman to transform the city, to humanize it."

Mayor José Antonio González said that he will govern in a model of social inclusion without distinctions of political colors. He assured that his plans include creating a modern government adapted to the most advanced systems and models in the world to make Porlamar a reference throughout the country.

In his speech he asked the councilors to accompany him in this mission, and above all, in not failing the people “We come to govern for the people with the idea of ​​achieving the quality of life that Porlamarenses deserve. That is the reason why I earnestly ask the councilors to carry out the ordinances that are necessary to restore joy to Porlamar ”.

Mayor José Antonio González said that he will govern in a model of social inclusion.

Miranda. Aurora Morales hands over the Mirandino Parliament to Joan Contreras

The outgoing president of the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Miranda, Aurora Morales, handed over the parliament to the legislator Joan Contreras, current president of the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Miranda (Clebm). 

The event was held this Tuesday at the Legislative Palace, located in the city of Los Teques. “We have already made the complete, organized and content delivery of your supports from all the directions, divisions of Clemb and Secretary of the Chamber to the president-elect, legislator Joan Contreras. Wishing him success in this new administration ”, expressed Morales.

The president of Clebm, Joan Contreras, was sworn in on November 24 together with the board of the regional parliament elected by the people.

"We assume this responsibility from the hand of an extraordinary comrade who is Aurora Morales, for us it is a reference of rectitude, a reference of consequence, loyalty and work with the people, we assume with the greatest willingness to work for the people of Miranda and that this space becomes a permanent political forum, "said Contreras.

Legislator Contreras also thanked the people of Miranda for the trust placed in the bench of the Great Patriotic Pole of the Legislative Council, which is a majority in parliament, “we thank the people for the trust placed in us and in our reelected governor Héctor Rodríguez, and allowing Chavismo to it continues to be the main political force in the country after obtaining victory in the majority of governorships, mayors, legislative councils and municipal councils ”.

Contreras said that while the opposition and Bolivarian benches were in the regional parliament, there will be “great discussions with the Mirandino, the Mirandina, the student, the worker, the housewife and those men and women who have delegated this to us this great task. We will be sure that next year we will have a legislative agenda that allows us to contribute to the construction of the common good, in satisfying the needs of the people of Miranda ”.

He highlighted the support that the Legislative Council will continue to give Governor Héctor Rodríguez, for the construction of the good times. "The governor permanently summons us to build the common good, and this Legislative Council, which has a Chavista majority and has all the disposition for work, is at the service of that agenda for the well-being of the Mirandinos."

Aurora Morales handed over the parliament to legislator Joan Contreras.

Miranda. Mayors of Guatire sworn in and Guatire

The new mayor of the Zamora municipality (Guatire), Raziel Rodríguez Villanueva, was sworn in on Wednesday, December 1, in a ceremony held in the Municipal Council session hall, according to a press release.

The president of the local legislature, Ivonne Rengifo, led the formal act for the new president during the period 2021 - 2025 in the presence of the councilors; national leaders, including David Uzcátegui; and inhabitants.

Rodríguez asserted that: "the good comes for Zamora" and reported on his meetings with the business community and the start of a job to generate sources of employment.

He also mentioned the beginning of work in Capayita, Salmerón and Santa Rosalía, in the Bolívar parish, as well as in Guatire, specifically in Libertad street, the repair of a breakdown and already has work planned in El Marqués. "Here we are to work without politics," he said.

The mayor revealed his intention to recover the General Hospital Guatire Guarenas Dr. Eugenio P. D 'Bellard and the rescue of the El Norte dam to improve drinking water service.

"Here we come to do something different, to work for the citizen, without distinction of race, creed or political color, we are going to please God," he said. The national leader of Fuerza Vecinal, David Uzcátegui, expressed his support for Rodríguez.

They will open the doors of the Mayor's Office of Guarenas to serve the people

The doors of the Mayor's Office of Ambrosio Plaza (Guarenas), in Miranda, will reopen to the population after its closure due to the covid-19 pandemic, in addition to a Sovereign Service office will be put into operation to meet their requirements and present new projects, according to the mayor of this municipality, Freddy Rodríguez.

In an opinion space broadcast on television, the president detailed part of his first government actions after being sworn in, such as the installation of a situational room that he operated during the campaign and that will have a telephone application for the people to make complaints, notifications and breakdowns.

Every Monday, Rodríguez intends to address collective problems in assemblies in which community councils, condominium boards and communes will participate in order to provide solutions.

Within the framework of the clean Guarenas plan, the mayor indicated that they will regularize the solid waste removal service with the hiring of four compactor trucks that will reinforce the work carried out by the two of the municipality, also foresees the reactivation of Hidrocasarapa and the exploitation of seven wells depths in Nueva Casarapa to supply water to more than XNUMX thousand subscribers in a joint project with the governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez.

Next week they will acquire a water pump for the Cogollal - Los Mangos sector in Las Clavellinas that will benefit more than 5 families.

Rodríguez said that he will support the Living Venezuelans with the hiring of architects, engineers and labor, in addition to speeding up construction; and present optimal land for the Venezuela Housing Mission.

They will present to the Federal Council of Government the need for lighting and repair of the road.

The local president announced the start of works in the formal ceremony / Mayor's Office Zamora.

With information from the correspondents: Tania González, Angelo Navarro, Irama Delgado and Agusmir Guarache.