In the candidate regions of the GPP they formalize registration with the CNE

Regarding the elections to be held on November 21 to choose the Governors and Mayors of the regions, the candidates for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) of various states, from this Saturday formalized their registrations before the authorities of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Lara's revolutionary candidates present inscriptions

Rodbexa Poleo, national member of the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) led the registration before the National Electoral Council (CNE Lara) of the candidates of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) Simón Bolívar for the positions of Governor and Mayors , for the electoral process on November 21.

Poleo, previously, had come from holding a meeting with the spokesmen of the allied parties from the front of the homeland and the nine candidates, at the headquarters of the PSUV Lara, located on 60th street in the city of Barquisimeto.

The formalization of the candidacies corresponded to the position of Governor of the Lara state, Vice Adolfo Pereira Antique, who had been serving as manager and later, won in the internal elections organized by the red party.

Also championed by the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole, but for the nine positions for Mayors and Mayors, they formalized their registration as candidates: Luis Jonás Reyes Flores, Iribarren (Barquisimeto); Ramón Suárez, Pedro León Torres (Carora); Carmen Silva, Jiménez (Quibor); Asbel Noriega, Andrés Eloy Blanco (Sanare); Julio Garcés, Crespo (Duaca); Félix Linarez, Morán (El Tocuyo): Derby Guedez, Palavecino (Cabudare); Hamad Al Chaer, Urdaneta (Siquisique); and, Ángel Prado, Simón Planas (Sarare).

Poleo stressed that: "Men and women who will guarantee the victory of the Bolivarian revolution in Lara state, the victory of Chávez, Nicolás Maduro Moros and each one of us."

"We are then going to guarantee with mobilization, organization and with the conscience of the people, everything for the Homeland," he said.

Candidates of the Homeland vow to achieve the victory of the Revolution in Nueva Esparta

In a massive act, full of joy and national commitment, the candidates for the Interior and the 11 mayors of Nueva Esparta for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and the Great Patriotic Pole formally registered their candidacy before the National Electoral Council (CNE). ) to participate in the regional elections to be held this November 21, swearing that they will obtain a resounding victory for the Bolivarian Revolution in the state.

The candidates for the governor, Dante Rivas and the mayoralties of Arismendi, Alí ​​Romero; Antolín del Campo, David Caraballo; Díaz, Marisel Velásquez; Garcia, Cruz Lairet; Gómez, Aquielis Rojas; Maneiro, Kenia Herrera; Marcano, Yul Armas; Mariño, Hanthony Coello; Macanao Peninsula, Juan Vásquez; Tubores, Ariaisy Rodríguez; and Villalba, Freddy Serrano, presented their documents to Jasmín Velásquez, president of the Regional Board of the CNE Nueva Esparta, and they promised to comply with the norms established by the entity by making a respectful, peace and inclusive campaign.

The revolutionary militancy received the candidates with applause and slogans, who celebrated together the start of this new contest that will further strengthen Venezuelan democracy.

During his speech, Dante Rivas called for neo-Spartan unity, for the union of all sectors and living forces of the state to achieve victory and the well-being of the entire population of the state.

"The moment is now. We must all come together to advance, to develop our state, to work, solve problems, and win. Only united will we move Nueva Esparta forward and achieve the victory we all hope for. Let's go ahead, ”he said.

Similarly, he asked those who oppose them politically not to use the problems of the people as a campaign and shake hands to work for the common good because there is nothing more important than the neo-Spartan. “The welfare of our people is above any candidacy or trend. The current reality requires us to put down particular attitudes and desires and work for the collective. We are going to make a beautiful campaign, in the catacombs as our president Nicolás Maduro asked us, house to house, community to community ”, he affirmed.

Likewise, he stated that together they will recover the government to remove the state from the abandonment in which they submerged it and begin to draw a victorious present and future, governing together with the people, everyone, without exclusion, with clear and positive proposals such as the Law of the Special Regime for the Socioeconomic and Productive Development of Nueva Esparta, which seeks to improve the quality of life of all by promoting tourism, fishing and all economic sectors.

The coordinator of the Organization of the PSUV Nueva Esparta, Junior Gómez, also highlighted the unity, preparation and organization of the revolutionary and patriotic forces of the state to consolidate a great victory on November 21 at the hands of President Nicolás Maduro and each of the candidates Of the homeland.

In Aragua they also registered their patriotic roosters

Accompanied by the national leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Jesús Farías, candidates for the governorship and mayors of the state of Aragua, formalized their registration at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council of the entity.

Before the authorities of the CNE and before the Aragüeño people, Dr. Karina Carpio formally ran for the governorship of Aragua state. For his part, Brullerby Suárez will be measured to remain Mayor of the municipality Mario Briceño Iragorry.

After the registration, the militant people of Aragua accompanied them in an act in which the candidates pledged to fight at the polls to preserve the revolutionary ranks in the state.

With a massive act of support, revolutionary candidates from Zulia formalized their registration

Candidates from the state of Zulia were leveraged by a massive militancy who motivated their leaders to formalize their registration with the CNE, a requirement required to be measured in the next elections on November 21.

Chosen by the bases of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, they were present

«Carabobo towards greatness» is the flag of its candidates chavistas

The militants of the red awning of the Carabobo state, also celebrated this Saturday, the registration of the candidacy of Rafaél Lacava, current governor of the entity. Who this November 21 aspires to maintain his position to continue executing works for the welfare and happiness of the Carabobeño people.

That he referred in a publication through his social networks. »With the eyes of Chávez, and the soul of the Carabobo people, today we sign up to continue changing Carabobo's face to continue improving him and to project him towards a greatness that he has never had even in his best times. They will see what comes to this glorious land, "he said.

Lara Correspondent: Carmen Luzardo



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