In Táchira they will work to improve the transportation system

The coordinator of the Higher Organ of Transport in Táchira José Rosales Aleta, said that basically the idea is to stimulate the good use of transport, attend to users and their needs and the transporter, without any abuse of authority.

Therefore, Rosales expressed the importance of the 1st Meeting of the Expanded Secretariat of the Technical Mobility Tables in each territory or Municipality of the state of Táchira.

Rosales highlighted that this is the first session of this consultative body for citizen participation, an initial meeting in which the information that will be developed later with the different user committees that will be integrated into the Table, who will be able to transmit their proposals and needs.

The meeting was held with a view to consolidating the municipalization of the transport system, and the timely attention of the transporter in fuel, health, social and road education.

Rosales said that another point that is being consolidated is to humanize the stops in each municipality of the state of Táchira.

"The organization and functioning of the Table were approved, and the need to improve public transportation that serve the communities was also debated and discussed," he said.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the municipalities Cárdenas, Andrés Bello, Guasimos, Capacho Viejo, Capacho Nuevo, Uribante, Córdoba, among others.



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