In Petare they seize products of the basic basket

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, reported that Polisucre officials seized an important batch of products from the basic basket, which were being marketed by informal economy workers, in different parts of the Petare parish. .

From the Coliseo de La Urbina, headquarters of the municipal police, Rangel Ávalos, pointed out that among the seized products were sugar, pasta, corn flour, rice, oil and sachets of whole powdered milk, in whose packaging you could read “ Its sale is forbidden ”.

"All these products are subsidized by the government, to be included in the food bags distributed by the Local Supply and Production Committee, Clap, their commercialization is prohibited, and we will not allow these irregularities in our municipality," said the mayor of the Sucre municipality.

He pointed out that the seizure of products was carried out, thanks to complaints made by consumers and residents of the area, to Polisucre officials, who carried out the procedure.

“These products were offered with speculative prices, to those interested. From the municipal police we are going to continue the investigations, to dismantle these mafias that play with the needs of the most vulnerable families and are dedicated to the commercialization of subsidized food, ”said Rangel Ávalos.



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