In Petare, children have a new care home

The mayor of the Sucre municipality, José Vicente Rangel Ávalos, together with his wife Gabriela Chacón, inaugurated the “Todos Somos Iguales” care house, in the Bolívar de Petare neighborhood, where the little ones can enjoy recreational, cultural and educational activities ,

Rangel Ávalos indicated that in these spaces, with the inclusion of children with special needs, who together with small neighbors will be able to share in spaces set up by the Sucre mayor's office and cared for by specialized personnel.

“This is the third home for Todos Somos Iguales, which we installed in the Sucre municipality, with the support of popular power leaders, who have carried out a census of the entire sector, detecting cases of children in vulnerable situations, to offer them priority help, ”said Rangel Ávalos.

He pointed out that in addition to recreational activities, children will have the opportunity to start in the area of ​​music, with classes of four, as well as traditional dances and children's enterprises

Gabriela Chacón, for her part, pointed out that mothers with children with special needs or conditions will be the first to benefit since they will be able to have time off, while they leave their children at the care home.

The authorities indicated that the goal is to place a care home "We are all the same" in the different neighborhoods, for which they asked the neighbors to locate spaces, which will be equipped with the necessary implements by the mayor's office.

Thayris Beltrán, is a street boss in the community, is a member of the Comuna Unidos por Bolívar, where he points out 23 communal councils, he points out that the installation of the “We are all equal” care home has brought great benefits to the community. community, especially children, who require recreational activities, in these times of pandemic.

Meanwhile, José Rincón and Rosa Méndez, two representatives whose children were in the facilities, indicated that they were very pleased with the activation of the care home, where their children with special needs will be able to share recreational activities and improve their coexistence.  



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