In Falcón they evaluate to apply containment between municipalities due to covid-19

Governor Víctor Clark confirmed that the Falcón state has 279 active cases to date and that the municipality with the highest number of infected people is Miranda, followed by the Carirubana, Zamora, Sucre, Petit, Federación, Colina and Falcón municipalities. Due to these figures, they are evaluating suspending traffic between these municipalities in order to return to the epidemiological fence in the face of the second wave of covid-19.

This was stated by the regional president during his weekly address, on the night of Monday, March 22, when he warned that the possibility of applying the containment protocols again in the border areas of the state, such as the west and the coast, is being considered to guarantee the Falconian health.

In this sense, he stated that given the growing numbers of infections in the entity, the radical quarantine for 14 days was immediately activated, announced by President Nicolás Maduro.

He also reported that a meeting of the Regional Health General Staff is scheduled to redefine the strategies, in order to stop covid-19 infections.

He announced that from this Tuesday 23, the distribution of the first batch of Carvativir to health centers began, starting at the CDI Ernesto Che Guevara, in Coro.

The first president emphasized that the national government has applied actions to keep the contagion curve under control; However, given the appearance of the Brazilian variant in the nation, he called for reflection and citizen awareness to comply with the announced regulations to cut the transmission chain.



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