In Yaracuy they have delivered 4.500 debit cards to grandparents

The Banco Bicentenario, in coordination with the National Institute of Social Services (Inass), has delivered 4.500 debit cards in Yaracuy state to senior citizens of the entity in special operations that are carried out to facilitate the procedures for requesting the document, the which is essential to collect the pension of the Mission in Greater Love and make electronic purchases.

The state director of Inass, Madelein Oviedo, this Thursday reported that in Yaracuy there are about 10.000 older adults registered in the 14 municipalities of the entity, who are expected to be progressively reached until all receive their card.

He mentioned that the days began in March, when the covid-19 pandemic began and all banking entities and other commercial establishments were closed. Since then, operations have been carried out in the municipalities of Independencia, Manuel Monge, Trinidad, Bolívar, Peña and San Felipe.

This same Thursday a special day was held at Banco Bicentenario, Libertador avenue branch, in San Felipe, in which the
they handed out 350 debit cards to old people in the jurisdiction.

Oviedo stressed that simultaneously in each operation that is executed a special plan called Banco Bicentenario goes to your House is activated, which consists of delivering the card directly to the beneficiary in his own home, in extreme cases in which he does not can be mobilized.

The official explained that the sessions are coordinated with the street bosses of the Ubch, the Sociopolitical Articulation Networks (Rass) of the communities, municipalities involved, Inass and the Banco Bicentenario.

All encounters with older adults are carried out in compliance with the strictest health security protocols to avoid possible contagion of covid-19, since they make up the population most vulnerable to the coronavirus.